Tarantella for two flutes by Kyle Randall

Lighting, Cinematography, and Camera Work by Jason O'Connell and Kyle Randall. Audio recording and audio/video editing by Kyle Randall.

Sun Machine by Emma Logan

Written for Siroko Duo in collaboration with Helia Music Collective, "Suite for Two Flutes" is an intense personal study loosely inspired by the late David Bowie. Each movement reflects small moments found in Bowie’s final album, Blackstar. The first movement, "Feeling Very Still", creates a slow and murky world that explores shifting intervallic relationships between the two flutes, spiraling out of control for just a moment. The second movement, "Branches to the Sky", heavily features the alto flute to give more depth to the tender melodic lines weaving in and out of the two flutes. In the final movement, "Sun Machine", each flute chases the other with playful sixteenth-note figures as a simple melodic idea moves through various harmonic colors in a bright, whirlwind of a ride.

Conversations for Flute Duo by Julie Barwick

Performed by Siroko Duo at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, CA on March 25, 2017.